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European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance

A network of conservative, christian-democrat, and liberal-conservative LGBT-groups in Europe. We work to strengthen cooperation between the member organisations, provide an LGBT voice in the centre-right policies on the European and national level as well as providing a centre-right voice in the LGBT+ community.

Founded in 2013

10 member organisations
from 9 countries

Associated Entity
in the EPP 2023

Annual report 2021-2022

Download the 2021-2022 annual report of the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance 

About Us

European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance

The European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance is a pan European Centre-Right political network.  The Alliance gathers organisations that are part of a political party that belongs to the European Peoples’ Party (EPP) such as CDU, CDA and Moderaterna.

The Alliance works primarily with LGBT+ issues in order to advance the rights of LGBT+ persons.

Like the member parties of the EPP the member organisations of the Alliance are Christian democrats, conservatives or liberal-conservatives.

The Alliance was founded in Berlin in 2013 by centre-right LGBT+ organisations from Germany and the Nordic countries. The inaugural meeting was held at the CDU headquarters.

The aims of the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance is to:

  • Advance the rights in society for LGBT+ people based on the Christian Democratic and the Centre-right concept of society and values such as freedom for persons and families, personal responsibility, dignity, and diversity.
  • Influence the political parties of the Centre-right towards inclusivity of LGBT+-issues and people.
  • Influence the policies of Centre-right parties to ensure that they are pursuing an agenda of individual freedom, diversity, and rights for LGBT+-people.
  • Contribute to a political environment where more LGBT+-people support Centre-right political parties due to strong policies in relation to LGBT+-issues.
  • Strengthen co-operation between Centre-right LGBT+-networks.

Webinar on the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy

The Board

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Fredrik Saweståhl


Helge Ytterøy L’orange

Vice President

Gerben Horst

Vice President

Alexander Vogt

Board Member

Orry van de Wauwer

Board Member

Jenni Juulia Tikka

Board Member

Jake Whelan

Board Member

Rasmus Ericsson

Board Member

Josef Mantl

Board Member

Costa Gavrielides

Board member

Member Organisations