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European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance

A network of conservative, christian-democrat, and liberal-conservative LGBT-groups in Europe. We work to strengthen cooperation between the member organisations, provide an LGBT voice in the centre-right policies on the European and national level as well as providing a centre-right voice in the LGBT+ community.

Founded in 2013

11 member organisations
from 10 countries

Associated Entity
in the EPP 2023

European Election - find your LGBT+ allies to vote for!

On June 6th – 8th you can vote in the election to the European Parliament. We in the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance have reached out to our member organisations asking for recommendation of good candidates from our EPP family that are allies for us in LGBT+ issues.

So here are some recommended candidates and LGBT+ allies to vote for.

Annual report 2022-2023

Download the 2022-2023 annual report of the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance 

Previous years:

Webinar on our political platforms with the LGBT+ Alliance and the LGBTI Liberals

Comprehensive LGBT+ Political Platform

Download our political platform

Member Organisations