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Annual Meeting of the Alliance – a short report

The Annual Meeting of the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance was held digitally Saturday,
November 12, with all member organisations taking part. The meeting elected a new board,
welcomed a new full member organisation, made adjustments to the statutes, and adopted two
political motions. The Annual Meeting was followed by a much-appreciated webinar on the EU
LGBTIQ Equality Strategy.

The Alliance has expanded to 10 member organisations from 9 different countries with the
admittance as full member in the Alliance of Cypriot organisation Democratic Rally – LGBTIQ+ &
Allies Team.

Politically the meeting adopted a motion protesting against sportwashing under the headline “Stop
using sport for political objectives”. This not least with the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar in the
mind. The second adopted motion talked about the situation for LGBT+ persons in Ukraine.
The Annual Report for the past working year that was discussed shows that the Alliance made several
accomplishments during 2022 such as organising three break out sessions during the 2022 EPP
Congress that was held in Rotterdam at the end of May. The Alliance also took part in panel
discussions at both Stockholm and Oslo Pride and was involved in organising two webinars during the
year. The Alliance also had a presence at EuroPride in Belgrade.

The new board
The new board that was elected consists of 10 members. The presidency of the Alliance was
unanimously re-elected.

President: Fredrik Saweståhl, Öppna Moderater, Sweden
Vice President: Gerben Horst, CDA Pride Netwerk, The Netherlands
Helge Ytterøy L’Orange, Åpne Høyre, Norway

Board members:
Jenni Juulia Tikka, Kasary, Finland
Alexander Vogt, LSU, Germany
Orry van de Wuwer, CD&V Regenboognetwerk, Belgium
Jake Wheelan, Fine Gael LGBT, Ireland
Costa Gavrielides, Democratic Rally LGBTIQ+ & Allies Team, Cyprus
Rasmus Ericsson, Öppna Kristdemokrater, Sweden
Josef Mantl, Gruppe 2019, Austria

After the conclusion of the formal Annual Meeting the Alliance hosted a webinar moderated by vice
president Gerben Horst. The topic of the discussion was the first EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy. The
panel consisted of Rasmus Ericsson for the Alliance, Costa Gavrielides in his capacity as the advisor to
the president of Cyprus on diversity, Barry McCarthy who works as a political aid at the European
Parliament with a member in the LGBTI Intergroup and Yuri Guaiana, the secretary general of the
LGBTI Liberals of Europe.