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EPP Congress: The Alliance part of shaping the future of Europe

With the elections to the European Parliament upcoming in June the largest political family in
Europe the EPP gathered in Bucharest, Romania, on March 5 th – 7 th for a Congress. At the
Congress delegates from all over Europe adopted an election manifesto and nominated a
candidate for the position as President of the EU-Commission – Ursula von der Leyen. The
European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance as an associated entity of the EPP took part of the
Congress and the work to create the election manifesto.

– We are pleased with the outcome of the Congress and with the election manifesto
when it comes to issues we have contributed around. We feel that we have been
listened to and that the manifesto has an inclusive language and will enhance LGBT+
rights in Europe, says Alliance President Helge Ytterøy L’Orange.

In regard to the LGBT+ issues and strengthening LGBT+ rights in Europe the manifest
clearly states that the EPP will continue the fight against all forms of discrimination and,
intolerance, violence and hate crime, as well as protecting LGBTQ+ rights. The manifesto
also states that the EPP works to create the best conditions to everyone for starting a family.

– In total this manifesto is a strong pledge from the largest political family in Europe –
the EPP – to move forward when it comes to LGBT+ issues in the coming years and
it is a strong reason to vote for an EPP member party in the upcoming election to the
European Parliament in June, concludes Alliance President Helge Ytterøy L’Orange.

The Congress in Bucharest was the fifth Congress that the European Centre-Right LGBT+
Alliance attended since its inception in 2013. This was the first Congress since obtaining the
official status as an Associated Entity in February 2023, and by that the first Congress where
the delegates of the Alliance had voting rights.

Through a change of the by-laws and the internal regulations of the EPP the Alliance is now
also specifically mentioned in those documents as the LGBT+ network of the EPP.

The delegation from the Alliance attending the Congress was President Alliance President
Helge Ytterøy L’Orange, First Vice President Gerben Horst, Second Vice President Kevin
Maas, Secretary General Fredrik Saweståhl. Board members Jamie Vella and Mathias Weiss
attended through their members parties delegations.