Statement: EPP must stand up for Human Rights in Poland

‘Considering the recent developments on LGBT+ rights in Poland, there is a growing need for the Commission and European Parliament to pursue sanctions towards member states that do not comply with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights’, says President of the European Centre Right LGBT+Alliance, Fredrik Saweståhl.

‘Even though the 2008 Equal Treatment Directive was not adopted, the European Parliament has the opportunity to demand that the member states increase their efforts on combating LGBT+ discrimination’, Saweståhl continues.

Helge L’orange, vicepresident of the Alliance, explains:”The European Parliament has the power to issue-link the directive to other issues and therefore strong-arm the Council into adopting the 2008 Equal Treatment Directive. Each year, the Parliament and the Council have to agree on the EU budget. If the two legislative institutions do not come to a compromise, the budget stalls. The European Parliament can demand that the member states increase their efforts on combating LGBT+ discrimination.’

‘If a member states fails to do so, the European Parliament can then demand that a only smaller portion of the EU budget will be spent on the respective countries that do not follow the directive or increase their anti-discrimination efforts’, L’orange concludes.

‘The European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance, calls for the #EPP-parties amending provisions in the next EU budget regarding further efforts to combat LGBT+ discrimination and regarding the implementation of the Anti-Discrimination Directive’ the European Centre Right LGBT+ Alliance states.