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Hop Suisse – for saying yes to same-sex marriage

Congratulations Switzerland. In a referendum Sunday Swiss voters gave an overwhelming support for same-sex marriage. 64,1 % of the voters backed the “Marriage for all” (Ehe für alle, Marriage pour toutes et tous, Matrimonio per tutti) campaign and made sure that Switzerland became the 30th country in the world to adopt marriage equality.

The European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance are thrilled that Switzerland has taken this step forward. The decision will greatly improve #LGBT+ rights in the country since it also covers adoptions and assisted reproduction.

We are also happy to see that the traditional Swiss #EPP member the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland (Christlichdemokratische Volkspartei der Schweiz, CVP; Parti démocrate-chrétien, PDC) as well as the newly formed party The Centre (Die Mitte, La Centre) where CVP/PDC is one part supported same-sex marriage. Thank you for supporting the right for all to form a family!