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It’s time to stand up against homophobia – EuroPride in Belgrade must go through and those condemning Pride cannot be allowed to stand in the way


We, the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance, the LGBT+ organisations of the EPP in Europe, strongly support the organisers of EuroPride in Belgrade which will take place September 12-18. The criticism of the event and the rampant homophobia shown towards the LGBT+ community by both religious and political forces in Serbia is something we all need to stand up against. And that we expect the authorities as well as the religious leaders, in Serbia to deal with this in a responsible way.

It is totally unacceptable that religious leaders in Europe, only months after the terror attack against people celebrating Pride in Oslo can curse, condemn, and threaten all those who wants to take part in EuroPride. It is horrifying, and very dangerous, that a religious leader legitimate use of weapon against minorities by saying he would use a weapon if he had.

EuroPride is a celebration and a fight for basic human rights and basic freedoms that should already be in place in 2022. Those condemning EuroPride cannot be allowed to stand in the way of the celebration – then homophobia wins.

When EuroPride was awarded to Belgrade, Serbia it was a big step for the Pride-movement in the Balkans and in Europe. For the first time EuroPride is coming to the western Balkan region.

We, the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance, welcome the decision to host EuroPride in Belgrade and Serbia. It is politically important to organise such events in countries and cities where the struggle for acceptance for LGBT+ persons are still very much alive. The western Balkan countries still have many steps to take before there legislation and the countries embrace the diversity that others do. We hope that EuroPride will provide an opportunity for Serbia and for other countries to move forward on the issues. We ask that political parties on the European level, as well as from the countries of Europe show their support for EuroPride in Belgrade by going there, by influencing parties and the government in Serbia and supporting the organisers of EuroPride.