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Statement: Alliance deeply worried about Italian government violating rights of rainbow families

Recently, the Italian government forced local authorities to remove the names of same-sex
parents from the birth certificates of their children. This is the case for non-biological
mothers in several Italian cities. These mothers then lose the right for normal parental tasks
like taking their child to the doctor and pick them up in kindergarten or school.

Current Italian law means the person of a same-sex couple who isn’t legally recorded as a
child’s parent could lose custody if the legally recognised parent dies or their relationship
ends. Therefor this also denies the child the basic right of having parents and legal safety.

In some Italian cities for several years both same-sex parents were registered on the birth
certificate of their child. But the new Italian government of Giorgia Meloni told these cities
that only the biological parent of the child could be on the birth certificate. The measure also
applies to gay couples: they must choose who is listed as the legal father on the birth

The European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance is deeply worried about this violation of the
fundamental rights of rainbow families by the Italian government. The measure basically
makes a normal family life and parental responsibilities of both parents impossible. It also
threatens a safe and stable environment for the children of same-sex parents. There is no
proof that growing up with same-sex parents is in any way harmful for children.

– I suspect that the government is afraid that a family that looks different, like ours,
can be as happy – maybe even happier, sometimes – as a traditional family, says
Michela Leidi from Padua, who was among the first lesbian moms to lose her legal

Alliance President Fredrik Saweståhl:
– It worries me that the Italian PM Meloni denies being homophobic while at the same
time expressing her opposition to what she calls ‘gender ideology’ and the ‘LGBT
lobbies’. Before in the EU this was rhetoric we heard primarily from the Hungarian
and Polish governments. It seems like this is now spreading to other European
governments. With the European elections in 2024 we need to be on alert and stop
this from spreading even further.
He also says the Alliance will speak out about this within the EPP, since Forza Italia is part of
the Italian government and therefor also responsible for this policy.