Statement on the debate on Europe as an #LGBTIFreedomZone in the European Parliament

In the month marking the second sad anniversary of the first Polish resolution in Świdnik County on so-called “LGBT-free zones”, the European parliament is set to debate and vote on a resolution declaring the EU an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone”.

We are not an ideology. We are proud citizens of the European #LGBTIQFreedomZone.

The motion is debated on March 10th and voted on March 11th.

The motion is signed by Members of the European Parliament from five different groups, including six MEP´s from our EPP-group. Read the motion here…/B-9-2021-0166_EN.html

(This is a joint statement by the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance, the LGBTI Liberals of Europe and Rainbow Rose.)