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Still much work left to create an LGBT+ inclusive Europe, shows 2022 Rainbow Map


Last week ILGA Europe released the 2022 version of the Rainbow Map showing the progress or lack of progress concerning LGBT+ rights across Europe. The conclusion we draw, as the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance, after studying the map and the Annual Review detailing the development in each and every country is that – there is still much work left before we can truly say that Europe, or even the EU, is an LGBT6 friendly and inclusive place to live.

We therefore urge the EU Commission, the European Parliament and the governments and parliaments all over Europe to study this map and the review – you can make a difference. You can push for reform. You can turn the tide in a positive direction for ensuring the LGBT+ rights indeed will be human rights as they should.

The past year has meant a backlash in many countries when it comes to issues as anti-gay rhetoric, hate speech, violence and hate crimes. The problems are increasing, and no country can truly say that this is an issue that is resolved and behind us, and that is unacceptable. The very core LGBT issue must be to ensure security and safety for all LGBT+ person who ever they are, wherever they live. This is especially important for young LGBT+ persons who should be able to grow up to a better future, trans people who should be respected and acknowledge and LGBT+ immigrants who seek protection from persecution.

Let’s move forward and make sure that the coming years bring progress. We will keep working with the strength of our Alliance and our members organisations to influence the political parties of the centre-right to deliver on core values that will benefit the LGBT+ community such as advancing freedom for persons and families, personal responsibility, dignity, and diversity. We will keep working to influence political decisions in countries where we have members and on the EU level.

We ask the decision makers to focus on:

  • Combatting hate crime and anti-gay rhetoric
  • Ensuring legislative reform that advance LGBT+ rights so that LGBT+ persons can live openly and be proud citizens of their countries – equal rights, not special rights is the key
  • Addressing discrimination against LGBT+ persons in areas such as the labour market, the education system, and the health care system and to also encourage a civil society that is inclusive and open for all

For member countries of the European Union the Rainbow Map and Annual Reviews shows the importance and the need to implement and follow up on the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy that was adopted 2021.