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Stop Putin and his distorted view on humanity!

Last week, Russia chose to ban the LGBT+ movement, and define the LGBT+ movement
extremist. The decision clearly demonstrates the contempt Putin and his regime have for
people and human diversity.

Over time, we have seen how Putin and his regime step by step reduce their countrymen
from being individuals to obedient tools for the regime’s increasingly extreme desires.
He began by restricting freedom of expression and removing critical voices. He has
eliminated opposition, media, journalists, and business leaders who were critical of his
policies and demands for adherence to them.

He rewrites history taught to Russian pupils to adapt it to his worldview. He creates enemy
images to justify his actions.

Putin and his men have long shown contempt for human diversity. Already in 2017, he had
his inmate vassal in Chechnya arrest, torture and kill people believed to be gay.
Unfortunately, it is therefore no surprise that he is now taking new steps to destroy the lives
of all parts of Russia’s LGBT+ community.

The decision shows that the wars Putin has launched, first in Georgia, then in Ukraine as well
as internally against all who dare to be different in the Russian society, are not just a
territorial war. It is a war on values – the basic human rights and the value of each individual.
It is a battle Putin, and his men will not win in the end. It is a fight we take and all stand side
by side to ensure a world where basic human rights are respected. A world where, including
in Russia, where everyone can be who they really are.

We call upon the leaders of democratic countries, the free world, to stand together
counteract and prevent Putin’s distorted view of humanity from gaining ground. We expect
our leaders, our governments, to use the means they have both as individual countries, as
part of alliances and unions such as the EU and also through the work in international
organizations to stop Putin’s madness and restore law and order that ensures basic human
rights and respect for international law.