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Strengthening the support for LGBT+ rights and the role of the centre-right

Yesterday (December 6th) the Alliance co-hosted an international webinar together with the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation, a Swedish centre-right democracy foundation, and our Swedish member organisation Öppna Moderater. The webinar focused on a discussion on how to increase the support for civil rights and freedom for the LGBT+ community.

Speakers where the EPP deputy secretary general Christian Kremer and member of the central American parliament Fernando Bautista from El Salvador and Gustaf Göthberg project manager at the JHF. The webinar was moderated by Alliance president Fredrik Saweståhl who also gave a brief introduction about the Alliance in the broadcast.

The discussion covered topics such as how the EPP acts and reacts towards parties and countries in Europe who opposes or tries to roll back LGBT+ rights. Where the EPP is moving forward with a broad and open view on what constitutes a family and to strengthen anti-discrimination work.

The situation and the challenges in central America were discussed and it is clear that the work in that region moves slower when it comes to strengthening LGBT+ rights. The LGBT+ community need support and the political level needs positive role models to show that you can support the LGBT+ community and respect basic human rights – which is what LGBT+ rights are about.