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The Alliance Annual Meeting – what happened

The Annual Meeting of the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance was held Friday (November 19th) electing a new board and making policy decisions. The Alliance also welcomed Gruppe 2019 from the ÖVP in Austria as a full member organisation.

Instead of meeting in Rotterdam and the Hague as planned the meeting had to move to the digital world when the EPP-congress that the Alliance was supposed to be part of was postponed until the spring due to the pandemic. Although not the same as meeting in person the digital meeting was held in high spirits.

Three motions was debated and agreed upon by the member organisations.

– Global decriminalisation for LGBT+ individuals, asking the centre-right parties and European countries to work harder to achieve this goal

– The Alliance response to the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy – pointing out 7 areas where the Alliance would like to develop the strategy covering asylum, rainbow families, trans rights and elderly LGBT+ persons among them

– Protesting against the veto in the EU council of minister against the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child demanding action to adopt the strategy and to ensure a safe conditions for young LGBT+ persons in all member states of the EU and EEA

A new board was elected at the meeting where all board members was re-elected meaning that the board will consist of:

Fredrik Saweståhl, Öppna Moderater, President
Helge Ytterøy L’orange, Åpne Høyre, Vice president
Gerben Horst, CDA Pride Netwerk, Vice President
Jenni Juulia Tikka, Kasary,
Alexander Vogt, LSU
Eoghan Howe, Fine Gael LGBT
Rasmus Ericsson, Öppna Kristdemokrater
Orry van de Wauwer, CD&V Regenboognetwerk
Josef Mantl, Gruppe 2019