Statement: The European Centre-right LGBT+Alliance stands by Hungarian transgender persons!

The European Centre-right LGBT+ Alliance has taken note of the current developments in Hungary with horror and disgust and strongly condemns the actions taken by the Hungarian government against transgender persons.

A new discriminating bill was passed to parliament by Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen earlier this week. The bill states that only “gender at birth” defined as “biological sex” will be recognized as a person’s only gender. The rationale should be that “gender is determined by gender characteristics and chromosomes, which cannot be changed”.

With a pen stroke the Hungarian government removes transgender rights and the opportunity to legally change genders. Medically and scientifically proven facts are simply negated by a government which increasingly shows dictatorial qualities. Viktor Orbán is abusing the Corona crisis to further expand his power at the expense of democratic structures as well as European and Christian values.

The Fidesz party must be held accountable for this development! The European People’s Party (EPP) currently has been suspending Fidesz’ membership. The European Centre-right LGBT+ Alliance expects the EPP to react swiftly and emphatically to this tremendous attack on human rights and fundamental freedoms as stated in Article 3 of the EPP’s statutes and finally expel Fidesz from the EPP.