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Positive and historic resolution in the European Parliament

Monday the European Parliament adopted a resolution with overwhelming majority stating that

● The EU should lift all obstacles facing LGBTIQ people when exercising their basic rights

● Rainbow families and same-sex couples should have the same freedom of movement and family reunification rights as others

● Marriages or registered partnerships formed in one member state should be recognised in all of them in a uniform way, and same-sex spouses and partners should be treated the same as their opposite-sex counterparts

● Accept the adults mentioned in a child’s birth certificate as their legal parents

The parliament also encourages the EU Commission to take further action against member countries such as Romania, Poland and Hungary that breach EU core values.

We the European Centre-Right LGBT+ Alliance welcomes this resolution and recognises the importance of using fundamental principles of the EU treaty such as the freedom of movement and the principle of non-discrimination to strengthen LGBT+ rights and to addressing anti-LGBT+ legislation and action in various member states.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the EPP members who voted in favour of the resolution!